Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day 23: The flnal Shebang

Though I would have been satisfied with only 2 days in Rome, this last one was an awesome way to wrap up the weekend. Though we were all pooped, we definitely decided to end with a bang by saving the star of the show (in my opinion) for last. But before we did that, we left good old Hotel Ponte Sisto and did some solo exploring (that didn't involve McDonalds bathrooms this time fortunately). On of our taxi drivers....who didn't have road rage....showed us a garden / park area that he said was his favorite place. 
The River on our walk there
Walkways like this spiraled up a hill that led guessed it......

Another beautiful view of the city..... surprise surprise
As we enjoyed the view and continued to stroll along the walkway, we came across this amazing vintage car that was being driven by a man in a tuxedo....could it be?
WHY YES yes it was!! Not only did I get to see the Capital of Italy from the inside out, I got to see it while there was a WEDDING going on! A wedding! How lucky am I? So we creeped on the outskirts of the circle of family/friends waiting to greet the couple and were able to take a few snapshots of them.   Bliss.
After the wedding party started to catch onto us, we headed back to the hotel to check out, and to head to our final destination: The Colliseum. 
The ride wasn't too bad, and we actually got too see quite a few more sights while we were driving (which my feet were extremely happy about). 
and BOOM there it was. I pictured the Collesium to be up on a hill....maybe with soome beams shining down on it or something of the sort....but it really just popped out of nowhere. 

This man, just as a side note, was the one who left us the day before. The trend continued today when he would walk away whenever he was ready, with the group or otherwise. 
To wrap up, we sat outside and enjoyed some fantastic thin crust pizza and soaked in the sun. Perfect way to end a perfect weekend.

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