Saturday, December 29, 2012

3 things to do to make this New Year awesome

If you ask me, this is a must do. Adding some shimmer to an outfit is a great way to stand out, while still looking girly and put together. Go full out in a sequin dress, or take it easy and paint your nails with glittery polish .Deborah Lippman's "Cleopatra in New York" (below) would look amazing paired with an LBD.
This is a big one. Every year I make lofty New Year's resolutions, and by the time Valentine's day rolls around they are a distant memory. Here are some ways to make sure you stick to them:
  • Hold yourself accountable. This is the best way to stay on target. Tell your friends. Tell your boyfriend. Tell your dog. Whatever works, telling someone your resolutions will make them more real, and will make you more apt to catch yourself when you begin to go astray.
  •  Make goals that are attainable. If you aren't realistic about what you want to do, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. If you're reaching for a huge goal, make a road map for yourself. Set a series of checkpoints along the way to see how far you've come (preferably written in a super cute planner like this one:)

By Sarah Pinto ($19.95)

And once you reach your checkpoints, don't forget to celebrate them!

I've been drooling at the office over all of the adorable New Year party ideas I've seen lately.

New Years is an awesome to get together with friends and family and let loose a little. And nothing speeds that process along like a good ol' cocktail. Now, if you're in college and on a budget, Natty L's may seem like a more plausible solution. However, if you're working on break, play bartender for a while and maybe try out some of these awesome ideas:

The first way to sip in style is to create and awesome bar. Make an adorable bubbly backdrop for a champagne bar this year, like below. The pearly pastels look fantastic, and celebrate new year's signature libation. Find out how to recreate this look here. If entertaining on New Year's eve seems too daunting, have friends over on New Year's day and set up a Mimosa bar, like catch my party did. A few bottles of champagne and a couple of juices and you're good to go. You could also stick to the classic, by using metallics, items of varying heights and uniform glassware.

Images Via Pinterest
or you could try out some festive cocktails like these:
1. Southern Comfort Punch by Martha Stewart--Super easy...and who doesn't love soco every every now and again!
2.Nerds Martini--the Nerds are so colorful and cute, great way to bring in the new year!
3. Orange Pom Fizz--OBSESSED with the gorgeous pink color, and colorful sanding sugar
4. This one is just plain old champagne, but the rim of the glass makes it look much more sophisticated (and pretty!)
5. Tequila Sangria. Speaks for itself.

Enjoy The New Year Everyone!
xoxo Jackie

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