Wednesday, December 5, 2012

VS Fashion Show Hangover

Still recovering from the fabulousness that was the Victoria's Secret Fashion show. I really wish I didn't look forward to it so much every year, but it really is wonderful. I also have a huge crush on Adriana Lima, so that certainly doesn't help my cause. I always feel guilty watching it because it is just a huge advertising ploy. Not to mention the fact that the women are actually perfect, and no matter how many Heismans I rock out during insanity, my legs will never be that long. Nevertheless, the fashion show means that Christmas time is here. 
My favorite "theme" during the show was the circus theme. My roomies and I were a circus theme for halloween, so I definitely felt a little nostalgic during that section. 
The Resemblance is uncanny, right?

These are some of my favorite outfits from the circus section:

Then came the "calendar girls" love love LOVE. 

Just as a side note, the November native american wasn't aired because people were offended. My personal favorite was April, in the upper right corner.  Cutie patootie boots! 

Of course the show was more than pretty ladies, Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Bieber of course killed it. Although I'm pretty upset with Rihanna's outfit choices. She is so gorgeous and she was looking a little freaky last night. She's famous enough at this point where she can dress however she wants, but the 90's style sweatshirt around the waist and the pearl lady gaga glasses just didn't do it for me.

 BIEBER on the other hand...Initially, I didn't understand the whole fascination with him. As a preteen, maybe I could see it. But now that he's a little more grown, my oh my. I watched the start of his documentary, and seeing him play the drums made me melt a little bit. And my boyfriend has a man crush on him to boot, so he's definitely growing on me. MOST importantly, however, HE HAS AN OWL TATTOO. Soooooo my Chi Omega nerd side gives him a check plus as well...Check it out!
Have a good night angels! xo Jackie 

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