Saturday, December 8, 2012


Happy lazy Saturday!
It's rainy and nasty here and I've been putting off studying completely so far. Formal went great last night!! No major glitches, and it seemed like everyone had fun so I'm pumped. I'm feeling  a little sad that that was my last real duty as social chair, but pumped for the work to be over. Formal was at the VFW in Somersworth. 
Initally, I was so worried about it. It used to be a church, and it definitely has the "run down chic" look. That said, the inside was absolutely beautiful, especially for what the outside looked like. I was so lucky to have all the help that I got from my amazing AMAZING Chi Omega sisters. Every step of the way there was someone there to lend
me a helping hand. 
Young buck, Maura, Jill, Kenj and Lisa being my little Christmas elves
 It really is an amazing support network, I don't know what I would do without my sisters (as corny as it sounds). My gorgeous boyfriend looked dapper as always, with his Rugby Skull and Bones tie.

Which may I add, I tied MYSELF (a definite first).

Me and the beautiful Julia
 Overall, a really fun night. Now to get through finals!
xo Jackie

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