Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 15: If I cant have 50's....

Hello all! I promise I haven't disappeared from the blogosphere, I've just been super super busy. So stay with me people! Today was an awesome, amazing, lazy daisy sunday after carnivale. We slept in nice and late, which I totally needed because I've been feeling so so sick. We decided to go to an american-ish diner called....well "the diner".  The theme was all to stereotypically and ill- contrived 50's diner, but it was awesome so see pancakes, eggs and BLTs on the menu.
Super funky sidewalk chalk masterpiece in progress

.....see what I mean

 I ended up getting an egg sandwich with a pretty nasty salad...but there was this awesome candy bar so that solved all.

 Colleen and I then split a bizarre twix shake, which basically was a vanilla shake with some twix stuffed down at the bottom. The meal was okay, but we had a great time just sitting around and chatting. I learn more and more about my roomates as the days go on, and we always seem to have the best conversations while eating. Maybe that's why the italians do it so much.

We ended up staying there until about 5 oclock, and then headed back to the apartment to prepare for the week of classes ahead. Totally a "sunday night" feeling.

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