Saturday, February 2, 2013

Day 5: Feeling the Firenze Frenzy

First things first, check out this cutie picture of me and my momma. I love it. Another thing that I love? I love my bed here. I just love it. I was so worried about the sheets being old and dirty and grainy, but they are amazing and I just love them so much. Wish I could make my bed into an outfit and wear it around. So that might explain why I slept in until 2:30 did Colleen. Kelli and Michelle until 3:00. Normally this would be a no go, but I'm giving myself a pass on this one. Stressing about how late it was, we popped up anxious to complete all the organization that needed to be done for the day. Colleen and I both needed italian cell phones, so that was our first stop. It actually took us nearly an hour to get to the place we needed to go, but we ended up seeing a part of Florence we hadn't before. Though I didn't stop to get the names of any of these locations, I'm sure we'll be back to them soon.
We continued walking until we ran into a huge commotion at a street corner with tons of people. Upon further inspection, we realized it was a school getting out. Based on the size of the kiddos a kindergarten or first grade. There are very few cuter than a little kid speaking Italian. The language itself is beautiful, but I love it even more through the mouth of a child. They were also all super well dressed and overall just adorable. 
They all seemed to be munching on delicious looking pastries or clementines  clinging to their parents hands or playing with the various puppies running around (which are a whole level of cuteness on their own). One little boy stood in front of a store window, looking at a painting of a woman kissing a man on the cheek, and began to smack his lips as he pressed them to the window.  Possibly died right then and there. 
I also saw my future dog. He was the flippiest floppiest furriest cutie pie-iest bull dog pup I've ever seen. Italy is crawling with adorable doggies, but this one was the best. His owner is lucky I didn't scoop him up right then and there. Literally obsessed.
issssssa bubba
When we finally reached the cell phone place, it turned out to be a shop run by two brothers (who I thought were twins) with matching sets of gray hair and thick italian accents. I sat down on the couch to wait, and he came right over and plopped right down next to me, and crossed his legs in the same fashion I was. He ended up being so warm, helpful, and so trusting: he gave me a phone without any payment! Trusting that I was good for it. He said that Colleen and I brightened his day too which was the cherry on top.

We ventured back to our neck of the woods, and decided to stop for dinner. We split a pizza and a salad..
And we absolutely hated it.
....just kidding :)

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