Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 7: Stayin' alive and Football and Calcio

Day 7! 1 week here in Italy and I've managed to maintain a pulse, avoid being robbed stalked, and may even have learned a few things. If that isn't a success I don't know what is. Even in one week I feel as though I've learned alot about myself. Changing your environment  if you ask me, puts you in a "survival" situation. Even if that environment is filled with beautiful art, sculpture and people, it isn't home. It doesn't look like home, it doesn't smell like home and I think stripping away those comforts leaves room to discover parts of yourself that may not have been as apparent before. It's crazy feeling to oscillate from totally exhilarated to absolutely terrified, sometimes within only a few moments, but it truly is, to me, what it means to be alive. Again, all this reminds me to thank god every day for my family who got me here in the first place. Their e-mails and texts keep me grounded in this crazy place, and I couldn't be happier for it. I think yiayia and papous's e-mails are the best (sorry Mom and Dad). ALSO if you're reading this and you want to shoot me an e-mail its jms323@wildcats.unh.edu. Please feel free, I love getting them :)

Well, kids, there's a little philosophy by Jackie. ANYWHO today was also a great day. The Florentines definitely keep it relaxed on Sundays. But lucky for us we got tickets to our first SOCCER GAME!!! We slept until it was almost game time, quickly got ready and headed to the game!
Hi Ma!

Very exciting :) Took a taxi there, so we arrived with no trouble at all. We found our seats on the "quieter" section. It was so fun to see how passionate the Italians are about the soccer teams. They all sing and yell and its really a great time. The day was perfect, but it was definitely chilly. I was perfectly comfortable in the sun, but I could have used a few more layers.
Me and Kell's Chucks :)
Check out those hills
The game was so much fun, we ended up leaving a bit early because we were all frozen numb,  and went home to cook our first "family dinner" :). A joint effort pumped out roasted eggplant and onions (thanks to yours truly), baked chicken which we all marinated in the way we liked, Zucchini sauteed by Michelle, and Bread and Sauteed garlic and peppers by Colleen. I also got a tomato pesto sauce, which I've literally been eating by the spoonful (Its the red stuff next to the chicken...I also whisked it with some olive oil to make a salad dressing...new obsession!!!) This was definitely my favorite meal I've had in a really long time. I actually forgot how much I love eggplant. They way it gets soft and tender makes it feel like something rich, when really it isn't. Perfection.

After dinner we digested and relaxed a bit, and then got ready for the AMERICAN superbowl. We first went to a small bar to get Sangria, and then ventured to another bar called Naima where they were showing the game in English. I was bummed there were no commercials (my favorite part), but Beyonce was most certainly worth the wait. I was extremely jealous, though, that I wasn't home to sample one of my mom's infamous Muffalattas.
Check her out!

seriously screamed when I saw destiny's child come out
After the game, we ventured out to search for one of Florence's "secret" bakeries (shout out to my beautiful cousin Alex for letting me in on the deal). It was absolutely freezing, so we were unsuccessful in our search, but I WILL find one! When we returned home, Kelli was already back, and when Michelle ventured to that side of the apartment, she only saw the door shut and came screaming back into the kitchen. I think that was the closest to a heart attack I'll ever be. We had a good laugh about that episode and headed to bed.

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