Monday, February 11, 2013

Day 12: Laundry for royals and the Oil Shoppe

Woke up nice and early for my self- defense class. Joy. Really it ended up being a demo of 5ish moves that lasted about a half hour...but maybe if god forbid I ever had to use them, they'd kick in. But anyway the best things I got out of the experience were seeing this awesome pup, and a new part of florence. And I met an AXO from unh! 

 Michelle took the brave step in trying out our washing machine  Huge fail. Water spilled every where, took her clothes three or so days to dry. So, we decided to take our laundry to a place right around the corner to have it washed. Turned out he wasn't taking anymore customers for the day, so we hauled our huge bags of luggage on over to a do it yourself place around the corner. I think we each ended up spending almost 20 euro each. Never again.
 The only saving grace was the amazingness that is my new favorite panini, at none other than the Oil Shoppe.
 I got a panino with prosciutto, walnut sauce, grilled eggplant, lettuce, sauteed mushroom and cheese. I dont know if you can really even go wrong with a sandwich, but this truly was to die for. The bread was perfectly toasted, and it turned out to be a total delicious package.
And to boot, they had french fries, "american" iced coffee ( which really ended up being more like a milkshake) AND onion rings (which we reluctantly passed on. Amazing amazing place. Cheap too! After that excursion we ran around and went shopping for a little bit. I got the most amazing jacket for about 30 euro (down from 100) at Zara. I'm so obsessed with it, and what makes it an even better find is that I was looking for one in the states and couldn't find one. Wonderful :)

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