Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 11: Blueberry steak??

Last day of classes today! Hooray! I can't believe it's over already. Fourth italian class? I'm a seasoned pro. I also had my first day of my "Media in the digital age" class with Colleen. I feel like I've taken a thousand and two classes on media at UNH, but the teacher of this class might just make this one bearable. He walked into class with longer hair than mine, grumbling about how he lost his ponytail holder, and first thing he said was "I really don't want to be here". My sentiment exactly, Gianluca, you read my mind. Then he proceeded to tell us that he wouldn't mind if we dropped the class, and to tell the people in the other sections that it "sucked". His miserable and sarcastic way of speaking really cracked me up, and I can't wait to see what he'll have to say. I wish I had a picture for you to see, maybe ill try to sneak one next class.

People like that really crack me up. You can tell he is a smart guy, but I predict his humor will definitely top his intellect in my opinion. Meeting him reminded me, for some reason, of a man that my dad and I encountered over winter break. We went to the Bank of America in Boston, running around to try to get a document notarized for my visa. We were greeted by a bulky twenty something, clearly on his first attempt at growing a beard. His suit didn't fit quite right and his shoes didn't have much wear.  He walked around with his arms flexed and chest puffed up and said things like "Thank you so much Mr. Cooke" and "Sir" and "We thank you for your patience". I've never had to stifle a laugh quite as much as when my dad looked over at me and I knew we were thinking the exact same thing.

I don't know if its the virgo talking, but people with distinct quirks really intrigue me.

Anyway, after class we relaxed for a bit, and then got ready for a late dinner. We'd heard so much about a spot called "Acqua al 2", from word of mouth, Kelli's sister and of course, my gold mine of information Alex. We found it relatively easily, and walked into an eclectic funky restaurant with a pretty lit up trellis outside. "Avete un prenotazione?", "Do you have a reservation?" This came as a surprise to us, as most places we'd encountered didn't take reservations.  Bummed out, we told the hostess no, when a peppy older woman came over us and said don't worry clearing you girls off a table now. Fabulous.

When we sat down, we ordered our drinks, and began to look over the menu. Which naturally was all in italian. Michelle, Colleen and I decided to split the "pasta sampler", which consists of 5 of the chef's choices of pasta dishes for the night. I'd like to say I found my favorite pasta dish of all time, but they were all so delicious. We started off with a bang with Penne alla Vodka...
 Followed by a pasta with artichokes. If I had to choose I would say that this one would be my favorite. I love artichokes because they remind me of my Grandma, and when she used to make them when we were kids.

 Next, we had a delicious shells with....PUMPKIN. so strange but ended up being so good.
Then Came gnocchi with a spicy tomato dish

And last but absolutely not least, eggplant pasta

When we finally finished our delicious pastas, we all ordered a main course. I decided to try something rather uncharacteristic of me, order a steak. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not a red meat person. I have no moral or dietary opposition, I just usually stick to fish and poultry. As a matter of fact, I don't know if I've ever ordered a steak.....well, ever. But I'd been hearing about this "blueberry steak", through word of mouth, and a fabulous site called "trip advisor", which I have found to be pretty reliable. I made an excellent was to absolutely die for. I could taste the blueberries, yet it wasn't sweet. Totally jam packed with flavor and I literally savored every second of eating it. Droooool 

To top it all off, we shared dessert. 

After our fabulous meal, we headed out for the night to Naima 

We turned in early, in time for my self defense class in the morning...

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