Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 10: Makin' moves

So today I am so so so excited, because after much scrambling I was able to add an event planning class today! The rest of the day was pretty average (italian again, nap, made peppers and onions for lunch blah blah etc. etc) So I'm going to focus on that because I am absolutely thrilled about it.

In this class, we not only learn about event planning (which is something I would like to make my career some day, weddings specifically), but we actually plan an event here in Florence on "beauty". According to the professor:

Students will combine the experience of planning a real event with the depth knowledge of the city where they are living and where they will stage the event. Beauty is considered to be one of the ultimate values, together with truth and justice. But what is the true meaning of beauty? For centuries, the nature of beauty has been one of the most controversial and challenging themes in western history. Nowadays, unfortunately, beauty is often trivialised and accounted for in terms of pleasure or satusfaction. This spring, Florence, the city of beauty of excellence, sets itself the task to rewaken the mystery of beauty by offering us a range of experiences that will help us look at it with a fresh exciting look. 

We start by visiting the exhibition "An Idea of Beauty"...which you can check out here (this is a field trip, has nothing to do with the project but sounds awesome nonetheless) .

Our event will feature a showcase of photographs by Lucilla Bellini (an aspiring fashion photographer). You can check out all of her photos here, but here are some examples of her work: 

Funky right?!

The second aspect of our project will be an exhibition of the work of "Natalia and Yujin", who are fashion designers who work with recycled materials, again full works here!
here are some examples of their clothes:

Were also going to be presenting the film "Diana Vreeland, The Eye Has to Travel", pleeease check out the trailer here, it looks so interesting. 

  "I believe you see, in the dream. I think we only live through our dreams and our imagination. That's the only reality we really ever know.
Diana Vreeland in A Question of Style: A Conversation with Diana Vreeland by Lally Weymouth, Rolling Stone Magazine, 1977.

You can also read up on Vreeland here

We also need to plan a buffet for the event.
I am so thrilled. Wish me luck!!

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