Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 9: Frustration Nation

(Thank you Mrs. Yachetta for the inspo for today's song! Love Jersey Boys)

AND in honor of Valentine's day, these fabulous quotes on love:

Woke up his morning, attempted to get to class and I got so lost, which was something I expected the first time around, but not the second. This was one of the times where I really felt the language barrier. I must have asked five different people for help, unfortunately all of whom couldn't understand me. A lot of people here speak english, or at least understand the basics. Unfortunately that wasn't the case for me this morning. Luckily I followed some students, and ended up finding my way.
Frazzled and sweating, I made it to italian.
Today I was slightly less enamored with the language as well. Today, my teacher spoke extremely quickly. When I looked over to try to catch up on the notes, the chick next to me was taking notes in spanish. No bueno.

After that stressful class, I went to coffee with a girl from my class who took me through a maze and ended getting me even more lost than I was this morning. For those of you who have seen the movie "Coraline", the fake world her mom created allows her to walk through and the world keeps repeating itself. I  kept seeing the same things over and over. But luckily I ran into biscotti making. And eventually found my apartment.
I crashed for a few, and then Colleen and I prepared for...

The Opera! It was about a 25 minute walk from home, and fortunately we were guided by our program leaders to the destination so I didn't have to pack any more confusion into my day. It was definitely a great experience to go, but we couldn't understand a word of it. The singers were amazingly talented, and it certainly gave me a new appreciation for this artform.

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