Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 20: San Valentin ! 2/14

Happy Valentines Day! Since it is the day of love, shout out to my cutie pie valentine, Dennis. Though this is our second Valentine's day together, and unfortunately we haven't been able to spend it together yet. He's my rock and I'm missing him the most... yes this is cheesy but I mean it! Love this guy.
 Anywho, even without my boy today was a pretty good day! I witnessed my first "flash mob", which was in support of anti- women's violence. We got a great spot and it was so cool to see. Bucket list for sure.
You go girls!!

 After classes, we decided to try a small pizzaria called "Gusto pizza" and be each other's dates :) Unfortunately we lost kelly in the process so it ended up being just colleen, Michelle and I. The men making the pizzas were total characters, and they even made us "bellas" heart shaped pizza. Too much fun.

The food actually ended up being delicious, and I think I'll definitely be back there again. On the way back, we stopped for some gelato and I ended up getting a FREE nutella waffle. FREE! Here we are goofing around with it on the way home :
 When we returned home, some of our friends headed over before we went out.....

....looking freshhhhhhh of course. 

We then goofed around for a while, and went to a club called twice...

 But it was an early night for us...Rome in the morning! Hope all of you are with your loved ones :)

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